Tips on Maintaining your rugs

rugtipsTips on Maintaining your rugs

Sometimes if you happen to spill you coffee, tea or other liquids on rugs, one of the best ways to maintain that rug, is to take care of it right away. Just by dabbing your rug with a wet cloth and using mild soap you can lighten the stain and this will make your rug last longer

Typical maintenance for a rug includes-

  1. Make sure that you have adequate light in the room, this will prevent moths and insects from getting to your rug.
  2. Not vacuuming your rug, vacuuming will eat the pile of your rug instead shake or beat your rug. Smaller rugs can be shaken by hand to loosen dirt and other dust particles. Larger rugs can be beaten using a handle, after suspending it over a fence or a clothesline.
  3. Getting it professionally cleaned every 2-3 years.
  4. Use a cloth or sponge to absorb any liquids that fall on your rug right away.
  5. Rotate Your Rug – Rotate or turn your rug in order to avoid excessive fading or deterioration of a particular portion of your rug and to prevent uneven wearing of your rug.
  6. Use proper padding for your rug – Padding helps in protecting and maintaining the shape of your rug. There are different types and qualities of padding.
  7. Store the unused rugs properly – Clean the rug thoroughly, wrap it in clean non-plastic material and then store it in a dry place, if you are not going to use the rug.



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