Rugs History

Rugs History

Most of the rugs have been made of the same materials for centuries, wool, cotton, silk, to which silver and gold thread can be added, although those with silver and gold were made especially for shahs and emperors. Because of its availability wool is the most common material used for making rugs in the Orient.

The two knots used in making oriental rugs are Turkish knot and Persian knot. The Turkish knot is symmetrical, or Ghiordes, knot, it was most widely used in Turkey. The second is the asymmetrical knot or Senneh, knot, and for the most part was used in Persia.rugworldmap

Regardless of the names, both knots are used everywhere in the world, there is no clear-cut geographical distribution of the two knots. But the rugs can be classified on the basis of their origin and according to what colors and designs we find in these rugs. Most of the rugs that are named after the regions in which they were created.

For example, the Persian Tabriz rug, is called the Tabriz as it originated in the city of Tabriz, Iran. Similarly, we can find the different types of rugs based on their origin of design such as Turkish rugs, Indian Rugs, Persian Rugs, Chinese rugs, Caucasian rugs, rugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan and so on. Click here to see some of the rugs from different parts of the world.


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