About us

tomRug expert Tom Siasi was born in Persia, Iran. Tom started working in the rug business at age 13 for Zeba in Persia. He later moved to the United States and worked his way to where he is now. Amazingly, Tom started C.T. Rugs with ONLY 7CENTS and diligent hard work. He made copies of flyers and distributed the copies, which announced his new rug cleaning business. Tom has created several youtube videos to help customers understand more about Oriental rugs. customerfeedback

Tom is a very passionate person and loves making friends everyday. In 2004 Tom took over the former Rugs, Rugs & Decor storefront in a historic building at 5820 Curzon, in Fort Worth, Texas. That location had been in the rug business for 22 years. He has attained the status of professional through decades of experience, originating in the rug capital of the world, Persia, Iran and then as an immigrant who worked his way to where he is now, owner of C.T. Rugs in Ft. Worth, Texas.He makes sure that you are comfortable in his store and brings you great quality rugs with lots of explanation and thought behind it.rugcleaningfortworth15


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